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16 - 18 Years Old

During our Visit

Being a full blown adolescent brings new challenges and adventures.  Whether your child is working their way through high school or heading off to college, these appointments will include a full health screening or sports physical.  

An important reminder as your child approaches 18: At the age of 18, we can no longer discuss any medical information with you without your child's consent.  Please use our SECURE CONTACT FORM to let us know that your child needs to either sign an electronic consent form or complete this at their well-child check.  This will be critical as you request records for their next stage in life.  

As your child approaches the age of 18, please consider discussing with your provider the next step in their medical care.


  • Lipid panel and H/H panel per provider discretion

  • Menactra (2nd Meningococcal)

  • Bexsero (Meningitis B Vaccine) which is often needed for college.

Need to request an immunization record for school?!?

Your immunization record can be downloaded and printed directly from your patient portal.   Please find instructions here.

Not finding what you need?  Please fill out our Immunization Request Form

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