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Who is CTP?

       At Chisholm Trail Pediatrics, putting our hearts into providing the best primary pediatric care to our local community has always been our top priority.  We are very proud of the success through partnerships we have developed over the years with local schools, daycares, hospital nurseries and pediatric specialists.  Building and maintaining strong relationships within the community in which our patients and their families live is of utmost importance to us.

     The CTP Care Team makes every effort to communicate with local schools efficiently about all types of campus issues, including getting doctor's notes sent to attendance offices, answering parent immunization record questions, and confirming accuracy on medication forms.  In addition, communication with school nurses about current issues, such as local disease outbreaks and student safety issues, allows us to narrow the gap in care even more.

      Chisholm Trail Pediatrics currently has two convenient locations with a combined total of five physicians and four nurse practitioners.  We originated in Georgetown and expanded into the Round Rock area in 2014.

  A Word from our Owner 
Andrew Cavanagh, MD


"My approach to practice involves teaching and including the parents in the decision process.  At the same time, I use plenty of humor to put the children at ease...and it's more fun that way!"

Born in Chicago, Dr. Cavanagh got here as fast as he could, moving to Texas at the age of 4.

He earned his undergraduate degree in genetics at Texas A&M University.  After graduation, he spent a year in China studying culture and language at a university.  He returned to the US to attend medical school at Texas A&M and continued his training as a pediatric resident at the University of South Carolina.

Dr. Cavanagh and his wife moved to Austin fourteen years ago, and he has practiced pediatrics in the area ever since.  In his free time, he enjoys playing with his three children and getting his wife to laugh at his silly jokes.  His family most recently traveled to China to bring home their newest member, their adopted son.  His hobbies include reading, writing, (he co-authored a college textbook) drawing, and Bible study.  He is a record-holding power lifter and a self-proclaimed comic book geek.

Dr. Cavanagh became the owner of CTP January 2018

  A Word from our Founder   David A. Ramsey, MD


In 1991, I formed Chisholm Trail Pediatrics in Georgetown with the hope of having a primary care pediatric practice that focused not only on the amazing science of medicine, but also on the arts of communication and relationship development.

Over many years of pediatric practice, my team has developed a business model that allows sufficient time for families and their health care providers to interact effectively.  Everyone's situation is different and only through effective, non-judgmental communication and trust can we as a team provide the best possible care options for your family.

The administration of health care has evolved rapidly over the last 30 years, and it will continue to change.  My prayer is that CTP can continue to practice the best and most up-to-date science of medicine, while at the same time deliver a personal and compassionate approach to our families.

David Ramsey M.D.

Founder, Chisholm Trail Pediatrics

  A Word from our CEO

                       Shane Littleton, MHA

Email Shane.jpg

Before he retired, Dr. Ramsey promoted me to CEO in November of 2017. He saw that I understood how to balance business and healthcare, while focusing on the patient first.  I vowed to secure the future of Chisholm Trail Pediatrics by keeping his same mission and values, but catering to an ever-changing market of patients and parents. Dr. Cavanagh and I have succeeded in this by staying independent, focusing on excellence, and keeping a family- like culture centered around compassion. My business model is based around building relationships. As pediatric primary care providers, the most important part is having a solid relationship with our patients that is centered around trust.


Through my experience, in addition to practicing excellence in medicine, I have learned two things that are critical in building these relationships: time and chemistry. Our providers see less than half of the national standard number of patients in a given day. This means more time with you and your family in our creatively decorated exam rooms. Dr. Ramsey taught me that this is where healthcare actually occurs, so this is where we focus all of our resources. You also must have chemistry with your PCP. I have searched all over the country (and even Canada) to find the best board certified physicians and nurse practitioners who fit our model. Each one of them has a unique and fun-loving personality with different nuances. Our patients get the luxury of choosing from a variety of different personalities to entrust with the healthcare of their child. Our role as the PCP goes beyond just treating symptoms. We focus on taking care of the whole child, or even the whole family! Our goal is to establish a relationship that lasts eighteen years or longer.


Shane Littleton, MHA.

CEO, Chisholm Trail Pediatrics

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