Telemedicine is HERE!!

What is telemedicine? 

The term telemedicine refers to the remote diagnosis and treatment of patient by means of telecommunications technology.

How does it work? 

At Chisholm Trail Pediatrics, we refer to our telemedicine visits as “televisits”. 

Using your patient portal, you will connect virtually and talk to your doctor or nurse practitioner just as if you were in the office.

Who can book televisits? 

We offer televisits to current active patients only.  Patients must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during the visit.


What equipment do I need for a televisit?

First, ensure you have access to your patient portal.  We will verify with you at the time the televisit is scheduled.  Also, be prepared to verify your insurance, demographics and pharmacy of choice at the time of scheduling. 

Second, you’ll need a laptop or desktop computer with a camera and microphone a scale to weigh your child on and a thermometer.  Please connect from a well lit area in order for your provider to see the patient well for the best possible video exam. 

What kinds of visits are being done via televisits?

We’re often able to do medication re-checks, some behavioral issues (tantrums, not eating), lice, pinworms, cradle cap, styes, and some rashes.  Currently, all of our cough patients will originate as televisits until further notice.  There will be instances in which your appointment may not be best served in this format, and you will need to visit the clinic for evaluation. 


What if the doctor cannot finish the appointment via televisit? 

If your provider still needs your child to come to the office for a continuation of the appointment, you will be given a time to arrive and further instructions as needed.  Your cost will remain part of the original televisit.    


What is the charge for a telehealth visit?

Your visit will be charged just as if you were in the clinic seeing a provider. 


What do I pay for the telehealth visit?

Your cost will be the same as if you were being seen in the office.  Your normal copay or deductible depending on your insurance policy requirements. 


How do I pay for the telehealth visit?

You will pay your copay on your patient portal at the time of your visit.  If you owe a deductible, a representative from our office will call and collect over the phone from you after your visit has ended. 


Televisit vs In-Office Visit:


  • Your visit will be virtual in video chat format using your computer without physically visiting the clinic. 

  • Where you are is your choice, but you’ll need to be in a private area with lots of good lighting. 

  • Each televisit will be single topic focused – meaning only for the condition in which your appointment was originally scheduled for. 

  • Visits will start on time – if you are late to dial in, or forget about your scheduled televisit, a $25 no show fee applies just as it would for an in-office missed appointment. 

  • Complex health situations often require a visit to the office