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Prescription Refills

Controlled Medication Refills

Prescription refills are completed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please submit your refill request via the patient portal, HEALOW app, or by calling our office when you have 10 days' worth of medication left to ensure your child does not run out of medication​.

Patients must be seen for med checks every six months to check growth and effectiveness of the medication they are taking.  Refills will be denied if your child misses their appointment. 

Please have your medication name, strength, and pharmacy information ready when you call - we are now able to e-prescribe these medications!!  

​Controlled Medication Prescriptions EXPIRE 21 days from the date prescribed - you must pick up your medication within that time period

All other prescription refills

If the medication you are requesting is not listed in your patient portal, please call the office to request your refill.  

Otherwise, from your HEALOW app, click on the medications section of the wheel, click the + in the top right corner of the screen, select medication, and follow prompts.  Using the desktop portal?  Sign in, find the current medication list, and click "request refill."   It's that easy!!  

** Please allow 2 days for your refill request to be processed**

Filling Prescription
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