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Preparing for your appointment

Prior to your appointment

  1. Please check the patient portal for any CHADIS questionnaires that need to be filled out prior to your appointment.  This must be done on a computer or tablet.  These forms are completed for any Well Child Checks (ages 2 months to 5 years), Anxiety appointments, or Asthma checks. 

  2. Use the HEALOW check in text (you will receive 2 days prior or day of appt) to check demographic information and complete COVID questionnaire.  You can also use this link to upload a picture of your insurance card.

Day of your appointment

  1. Please arrive at the clinic 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

  2. Use the check in link sent via text to notify us of your arrival

  3. We will give you a call when we see that you are here to check you in!

  4. The MA’s will come and get your from the car, bring your mask!



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