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11+ Years Old

During our Visit

As your child reaches the age of 11, they begin thinking about organized sports in school as well as the adolescent years to come.  These appointments include the annual health exam as well as any sports physical that is needed.  You will be asked to fill out a yearly depression screen as well as a TB screen prior to the appointment.  These can be done online prior to your appointment through our Patient Portal.


  • GHP, TSH, and Lipid panel usually performed at 11 years per provider discretion.

  • Adacel (Adolescent Tdap), Menactra #1, Gardasil #1 (HPV: if starting and finishing series before age 15, only need 2 injections, 6-12 months apart)

Need to request an immunization record for school?!?

Your immunization record can be downloaded and printed directly from your patient portal.   Please find instructions here.

Not finding what you need?  Please fill out our Immunization Request Form

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