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Practice Philosophies


At Chisholm Trail Pediatrics, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to be immunized.  Our pro-immunization stance comes from empirical research and years of experience. 


From a personal health point-of-view, immunizations help your child's immune system fight off various diseases and infections, including, but not limited to measles, polio, varicella (chicken pox), and influenza. 


From a public health point-of-view, immunizing your child will continue to help eradicate dangerous diseases, such as smallpox, from our community. 


Also, find information from the CDC, in a publication entitled "Childhood Immunization Resources" here.


It is against our mission to deny care to children whose parents decide to not immunize or to delay immunizations.  Regardless of your decision, your child will still receive the same exceptional level of care at Chisholm Trail Pediatrics.  Parents who are not vaccinating or  under-vaccinating their children may hear information about vaccinations from their provider during visits.  In addition, you will be required to sign a form refusing vaccinations frequently. 


For questions regarding our policy on immunizations, please contact:   


Shane Littleton, CEO


Antibiotics are wonderful for fighting bacterial infections such as strep throat; however, they are not always the answer for your child's illness.  Some illnesses are viral, and antibiotics cannot help.  Please understand that antibiotics will not be prescribed for every illness.  There are some that are no longer effective due to overprescribing.  If an antibiotic is used inappropriately, the bacteria in the body may start to become resistant to that type of antibiotic.  This means particular antibiotics will no longer be effective in fighting infection. 


If an antibiotic is prescribed to your child, it is crucial that your child finish the complete amount of medication, as prescribed by your provider.  Even when symptoms cease, the bacteria causing the illness can still be alive.  If a patient fails to complete the full course, the bacteria might not die, and it might develop a resistance to that particular antibiotic.  We hold our parents accountable for completing the entire cycle of a prescription when antibiotics are prescribed.

Evidence-Based Practice

Parents can be assured that every course of action recommended is backed by empirical research and years of experience.  Not only do we have close to 100 years of combined experience, but we all keep up with the latest pediatric journals and medical discoveries.  We also have regularly scheduled provider meetings to discuss the latest medical techniques and our company's position on certain topics.

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