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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get into my patient portal?

  • The patient poral needs to be initially set up by our front office staff.  If you have never received an email to set up the portal please contact our front office staff.  

  • Use this LINK to access the patient portal.  You can then use the username and password that you have created from that initial email set up.  If you have any issues or need to have your password reset please email out IT director Emily Littleton,

Can I have more than one parent on my child's patient portal?

  • We do have the ability to have two parent portal accounts.  This must be set up by a CTP staff member.  It will give access to the same patient portal with two different parent log ins.  Please call our front office staff to get this set up.

Can I have one portal for all of my children?

  • Yes!  We can create one portal log in for all of your children.  This must also be set up by a CTP staff member.  Call our front office staff or email in order to have this set up.  

What is the purpose of the CHADIS questionnaire?

  • The CHADIS questionnaire is the developmental forms that were done on paper in the past.  It gives the opportunity for parents to complete online through the patient portal prior to the appointment.  The providers review the results to determine your child's progress and development.  To read more on the CHADIS questionnaire, click on this LINK.

What Pediatric Urgent Cares are around us?

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