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Colleen Regan, 
             MSN, RN, CPNP

Who is Colleen?

Colleen got her BSN at Pittsburg State University where she spent a semester abroad in Granada, Spain and her MSN at UMKC in Kansas City, MO.  

Colleen loves to travel, hike, ski, read, bake, workout and trying new restaurants and food trucks around her new Austin home.  She also loves to hang out with her dog Frankie!  

Colleen has special interests in Education and health promotion, especially developmental milestones in the first year of life.  She also has special interest in asthma education and treatment.


The Professional Side

Colleen has 8 years of total experience.  5 of those years were spent in the NICU and the other 3 years were spent in Pediatric Dialysis.

Colleen practices at our Forest Creek location.

Favorite moment

Any time I can make a child laugh and smile is a great day. I love to joke with my patients! One of the best moments in my career was sending home one of my primary patients in the NICU after a 9 month hospital stay!

Best Tip

Trust your gut and follow your mom and dad instincts!

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