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Same Day Sick Appointments

Caring for a sick child can be very overwhelming and stressful!  We are here to help you and your child get treatment and help as best that we can.

Our office offers same-day sick appointments and do our best to have your child seen as soon as possible.  We do not accept walk-ins and ask that you either call our office or use our online scheduling portal to book an appointment.  See below for more information about our new online scheduling option for established patients.

Online Scheduling at CTP!!


We are now introducing online scheduling for same day sick appointments!  Please read below for more information!!


  • **This feature is currently for ESTABLISHED patients only.  If you are a new patient please give our office a call!

  • We are rolling out online scheduling for same day sick appointments only at this time.  Starting the night before, we will release 8 appointments per provider that can be utilized for sick patients for the following day.  

  • If no appointments show up, please call our office as we may have some available that our schedulers have access to.

  • If we are not able to accommodate the appointment scheduled for any reason, we will call you ASAP to get it rescheduled.  

  • Please note that some of our part time providers may not be available through online scheduling, you are always welcome to call our office to see if they are available!

  • Please note that this is for established patients only.  If you have not been seen by our clinic please give us a call 

Click HERE to schedule your online sick appointment!

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