Our Doctors & Nurse Practitioners
Lisa Flachs, MD

Lisa Flachs, MD has been practicing pediatrics at Chisholm Trail Pediatrics since May 2011. Originally from New York, she attended Rice University and has not left Texas since. After completing medical school, at Texas Tech University Health Science Center in 1995, she returned to Houston for pediatric residency at Baylor College of Medicine.  In 1997, she relocated to Georgetown with her husband and completed her final year of residency at Scott and White in Temple.  She enjoys family time with her husband and four children, ranging in age from 4 to 13 years.


Watch Dr. Flach's video bio HERE

Dr. Adrian Gaty

Adrian Gaty, MD


Dr. Gaty joined CTP in September 2017.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, he spent the first couple decades of his life surgically attached to his library card, and soon found himself majoring in history and literature at Harvard University. Just when he was facing the prospect of a lifetime without a tan, God intervened, calling him to dedicate his life to serving others. Dr. Gaty hasn’t looked back since, earning his medical degree at Northwestern University in Chicago and finishing his residency in pediatrics at Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

He got married this summer, and his beautiful new bride claims he moved to Texas because of her, a native Austinite. Dr. Gaty, however, finds this reasoning quite suspect, as one hardly needs a reason to move to the greatest state on Earth.


In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, exploring nature, Bible study, watching old movies, planning the ideal homeschool curriculum, and convincing people he became a pediatrician for noble, altruistic reasons and not just because kids are crazy adorable and fill all his days with wonder and delight. 

Andrew Cavanagh, MD
Dr. Cavanagh joins CTP Georgetown in March 2017. 
"My approach to my practice involves teaching and including the parents in the decision process.  At the same time, I use plenty of humor to put the children at ease...and it's more fun that way!"
Born in Chicago, Dr. Cavanagh got here as fast as he could, moving to Texas at the age of 4.  
He earned his undergraduate degree in genetics at Texas A&M University.  After graduation, he spent a year in China studying culture and language at a university.  He returned to the US to attend medical school at Texas A&M and continued his training as a pediatric resident at the University of South Carolina.  
Dr. Cavanagh and his wife moved to Austin eleven years ago and he has practiced pediatrics in the area ever since.  In his free time, he enjoys playing with his three children and getting his wife to laugh at his silly jokes.  His family most recently traveled to China to bring home their newest member, their adopted son.  His hobbies include reading, writing, (he co-authored a college textbook) drawing, and Bible study.  He is a record-holding powerlifter and a self-proclaimed comic book geek.  

William Garner, MD

Dr. Garner joined CTP in November 2018.  

He sees patients exclusively at the Georgetown location.

Bio coming soon.


Welcome to Chisholm Trail Pediatrics


In 1991,  I formed Chisholm Trail Pediatrics in Georgetown with the hope of having a primary care pediatric practice that focused not only on the amazing science of medicine,

but also on the arts of  communication and relationship development. 


Over many years of pediatric practice, my team has developed a business model that allows sufficient time for families and their health care providers to interact effectively.  Everyone’s situation is different and only through effective, non-judgmental communication and trust can we as a team provide the best possible care options for your family.

The administration of health care has evolved rapidly over the last 30 years and it will continue to change.  My prayer is that CTP can continue to practice the best and most up–to-date science of medicine, while at the same time deliver a personal and compassionate approach to our families.


Thank you for your interest in our wonderful practice and for entrusting us in the care of your child and for your family as a whole.


David Ramsey M.D.

Owner and founding physician

Our Practice & Our Care Team

Our Practice Philosophies:

On Immunizations:


At Chisholm Trail Pediatrics, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to be immunized.  Our pro-immunization stance comes from empirical research and years of experience. 


From a personal health point-of-view, immunizations help your child's immune system fight off various diseases and infections, including, but not limited to measles, polio, varicella (chicken pox), and influenza. 


From a public health point-of-view, immunizing your child will continue to help eradicate dangerous diseases, such as smallpox, from our community. 


Please see our section entitled "Why Immunize?" for more information. 


Also, find information from the CDC, a publication entitled "Parent's Guid to Childhood Immunizations" here


It is against our mission to deny care to children whose parents decide not to immunize or to delay immunizations.  Regardless of what you choose is best, your child will still receive the same exceptional level of care at Chisholm Trail Pediatrics.  Parents who are not vaccinating or are under vaccinating their children may hear information about vaccinations from their provider druing visits.  In addition, you will be asked to sign a form refusing vaccinations frequently. 


For questions regarding our policy on immunizations, please contact our regional manager, Shane Littleton shane@chisholmtrailpediatrics.com





On Antibiotics:


Antibiotics are wonderful for fighting bacterial infections such as strep throat, however, they are not always the answer for your child's illness.  Some illnesses are viral and antibiotics cannot help.  Please understand that antibiotics will not be prescribed for every illness.  There are some that are no longer effective due to overprescribing.  If an antibiotic is used inappropriately, the bacteria in the body may start to become resistant to that type of antibiotic.  This means particular antibiotics will no longer be effective in fighting infection.  If an antibiotic is prescribed to your child, it is crucial that your child finish the complete amount of medication, as prescribed by your provider.  Even when symptoms cease, the bacteria causing the illness can still be alive.  If a patient fails to complete the full course, the bacteria may not die, and develop a resistance to that particular antibiotic.  We hold our parents accountable for completing the entire cycle of a prescription when antibiotics are prescribed. 




Evidence-Based Practices:


Parents can be assured that every course of action recommended is backed by empirical research and years of experience.  Not only do we have close to 100 years of combined experience, but we all keep up with the latest pediatric journals and medical discoveries.  We also have regularly scheduled provider meetings to discuss the latest medical techniques and our company's position on certain topics. 

David A. Ramsey, MD
Owner & Founder