Before the Baby

Chisholm Trail Pediatrics offers complimentary office consultations with our clinic administrator at the location of your choice.  These are not required before your child is born, however, it is a great time to become familiar with the location, the office and the staff.  

We feel certain any questions you may have can be covered with the clinic administrator. However, if you prefer to visit one on one with a provider, you will be given an appointment time on the clinic schedule and a $50 fee is charged.   

Topics discussed at these appointments include:​

  • Practice Philosophy

  • Office Hours

  • After Hours availability and coverage

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Well Check Schedule

  • What to expect at the first appointment

  • Any specific questions you may have

To schedule your prenatal appointment, call Shane at 512-930-4776

What are the steps I need to take to have my baby become a patient at Chisholm Trail Pediatrics?  

  1. Nothing before the baby is born.  If you would like to print and complete the new patient paperwork, it is available here.  Feel free to familiarize yourself with the Helpful Info section on our website.  You will find plenty of baby care, breastfeeding, and infant care information.  

  2. Once the baby is born, your hospital nurse will have you call and make an appointment with your pediatrician.

  3. We will schedule your appointment for first business day after you are discharged.  

  4. Bring the hospital discharge paperwork with you to the first appointment.  

What can I expect at my baby's appointments?  

  • A list of the appointments your baby will have, including immunizations given is available for you here.